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Freedom Journal - Golden Waves

Freedom Journal - Golden Waves

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Days of gratitude





Hardcover & high-quality pure white paper that makes it a joy to write in every day.


Wisdom quotes, daily pages for gratitude notes, action prompts for personal growth, and freedom score tracking every 30 days.

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How it works

In order to survive, humans tend to focus on the negative things in life. This might have been useful in the early stages of our development, but it’s not really serving us well today.

When you regularly point out what you're grateful for, whether by thinking about it or writing it down, your brain starts to focus on the good stuff more often. This habit makes you feel more fulfilled and positive. It lets your brain know that there are more good things happening to you.

This process leads to your subconscious mind making some tweaks to your behavior and your inner dialogue. And then, you start attracting more good things by taking action that is more likely to produce positive results.

This transformation happens on a deep level that you don’t really notice, but sooner or later you start seeing the results. People start looking at you differently. You become less stressed and more open to trying new stuff. You notice that the things you hated before at your job or at home don’t bother you anymore. You start to feel lucky.

At the end of the day, every situation, environment, or person can be looked at from many angles. It’s up to us to learn how to see the sides that serve us better.

By having a dedicated journal for your habit, it helps you enter a new mind space when you write, thus speeding up the process of rewiring your brain.


Build a habit

Use this journal regularly to note the things you are grateful for. The more often, the better.


Write down things you want to attain, as if you already have them, in order to align with their energy and manifest them in your life.

Stay positive

Make sure to write from a place of gratitude and abundance. If you can’t do it, skip a day.

Be free

Use the freedom calculator to track how satisfied you are with different aspects of your life and take notes on how you can gradually improve.

Get wiser

Reflect on the wisdom quotes and step out of your comfort zone by following the action prompts.

Make it yours

Let your imagination run wild by using the blank spaces in this journal to write down notes or sketch your dream life.

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